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Death of Riley (Molly Murphy Series #2)

Death of Riley - Rhys Bowen 3½ stars
This is another fun installment in the Molly Murphy mysteries. Molly is a spunky young Irish woman who emigrates from Ireland after killing a landowner. Newly arrived to New York City, she’s still looking for a job, but she wants to become a private investigator—not an appropriate occupation for a young woman in the early 1900’s. When she finally convinces a private investigator to take her on as his assistant, he is unceremoniously murdered--leaving her to fumble her way through investigating his death. Along the way she hooks up with a bohemian group in Greenwich Village and finds her own life in danger. I enjoyed reading this book, but was disappointed that Captain Daniel Sullivan is not as active a participant in this book as he was in the first one. I love the interplay between he and Molly and wish he played a larger role. I hope he’s around more in the next Molly Murphy mystery.