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Winter King: The Dawn of Tudor England

Winter King - Thomas Penn I found this to be a highly readable account of the early days of the Tudor dynasty. This well researched history provides good insight into Henry VII’s machinations to maintain his hold on the crown by ruthlessly defeating his opponents and amassing great wealth at the expense of his subjects as well as detailing his interactions with Spain, Philip of Burgundy and the Papacy. Additionally, it provides an interesting view of the formative years of Henry VIII and the early years of many of his courtiers, including Thomas Cromwell, Thomas More and Erasmus. There is also some fascinating information about Catherine of Aragon during the years she was left to flounder in England between her marriages to Arthur and Henry VIII. I found it a little difficult to keep track of all the people and titles during the first part of the book; it helps to have a little familiarity with the time period.

I part read this and part listened to the audio version--Simon Vance gives a great narration.