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The Sari Shop Widow

The Sari Shop Widow - Shobhan Bantwal Anjali Kapadia is a 37 year old widow who dreams of owning her own chain of upscale Indian boutiques. She sink all her savings into upgrading her parent’s Sari shop in New Jersey’s Little India, turning it into the boutique: Sari’s and Sapphires. She happily designs and sells her beautiful contemporary Indian designs until one day her father announces that their business is failing and that he has called upon his tough, overbearing older brother to help them out. Anjali fears the worst—that her uncle will force them to sell or he’ll decide to take over her business. And when her uncle arrives from India with a business partner, a handsome 42-year-old Indo-Brit, her fears seem to be coming true...

What ensues is a rather predictable romance, but with an ethnic flavor. Nothing spectacular, but good for a cozy afternoon or a beach read.